Monday, August 27, 2007

my little sweeper

I had Hunter quietly watching his Little Einstein's cartoon and I was on the computer reading my emails. About 2 minutes later I hear a noise (him struggling to pick something up) and then I hear a bang on the wall and him still making the struggling grunt and then another bang on the wall as he comes walking out of his bedroom carrying the BIG push broom Eric uses to sweep the patio (Eric obviously left it inside which is in Hunter's room) Well as Hunter comes walking out of his room banging the walls while holding the heavy push broom in his arms not dragging it he has the whole weight of this broom in his arms I asked him "Are you going to sweep for Mom?" He shouts "Yeah" as he passes me by heading to the kitchen to start his sweeping. I just busted up laughing wishing I had my video camera. I just love this little boy and the cute things he does. Just wanted to share my "love" being a mom moment.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Well we are getting down to 1 week left of our summer with Eric before he starts school. We are so proud of him for what he is doing. He has 2 more semesters and then he will have his degree. Yippee!! Can't wait. For Eric's graduation celebration we are going to go back to Slovenia, Austria, Italy and Croatia. So excited for that. We are saving all our penny's so we can have a great time. Eric will have something to motivate him to get through this last year. I'm looking forward to getting back to Europe.

Tonight is soccer night for us. Eric plays on 2 teams down at the YMCA in Encinita's. It's fun to watch him...for what I get to see with chasing after Hunter. Eric is such a good goalie I love to watch him play.

It's been so hot today(high 80's) I wish had A/C. But a few weeks out of the year with hot temps I'll take that verse 100's in Utah.

Hunter loves to play with his puzzles he is so good at putting them all back. He is so smart.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I want to be like my Dad

Hunter trying on Eric's goalie gloves. Hunter LOVES to kick around daddy's soccer ball. I think he will be just like his dad, a star athlete.

Eric and Hunter eating Otter Pops

The two cutest guys in the Whole world. It's their special thing they like to do, sit together and eat otter pops.
We decided that Hunter was old enough (18 months) to appreciate and like the Zoo, so we renewed our annual passes. A few ladies in my ward were going to the Wild Animal Park and invited me to go so I thought that would be fun to go and get to know the Sisters in my new ward and it would be fun for Hunter. So I packed a lunch and everything I thought I would need for Hunter and I and we drove 20 mins to the Wild Animal Park. It's such a beautiful park and there is a lot of animals all over so that means a lot of walking. We had good time, but unfortunately Hunter saw the animals for 30 seconds and was ready to move on. He was like "OK mom I've seen the monkeys now lets go" He didn't want to sit in the stroller or sit during the animal shows. He wanted to scream or pick leaves or any thing else off the ground so he could throw it. We did eat our lunch in a nice spot where the Cheetahs were I enjoyed it but once again Hunter was doing his own thing stomping in and out of the trees and bushes behind the bench were I sat. He is all boy, I love it. Needless to say I think a few more months and he'll enjoy it more. Here are some pictures of our day.