Friday, September 21, 2007

Oh the things a 20 month old can do

While I was on the phone with the insurance company I heard the sound of crackling papers so I rushed to our room where the computer is and there sat Hunter on top of the computer desk with a black marker in his hand pulling one page at a time from the printer and scribbling on each page before he throws it to the ground. By the time I got there he had gone through 20 pages. Well He had the black marker all over his shirt and pants and hands. The cute thing was I said "Oh NO HUnter!" and took the marker from him and set him on the ground. He picked up all the pages and put them on the computer chair and said "Tank You" and walked away. What a little stinker. So I followed him into his room and told him, "Hunter that was a no no and he turned right back at me with his little pointer finger out and said "NO NO" He is getting so smart.

After his bath he didn't want his diaper on, but he wanted to read his books on his chair.

Hunter helping me fold the clothes. Well he likes playing in them while I fold.

This picture, he had gotten into my stock of toilet paper in the cabinet and pulled several out. I then went in and asked him to clean it up, so he did and he even stacked them on top of each other like he found them and put them back in.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Monkey see Monkey do

Hunter is such a little entertainer. He had me laughing so hard today. He kept saying "Assshes, Assshes, Assshes fall down" Then he would fall in what ever the craziest way he could fall down. It was so funny. Once again wish I had my video camera. I knew once I got up to go get it he would stop so I just sat there and laughed and he loved that I was laughing. I just love his kissable little feet, so I took a picture of them too. We are getting ready to fly up to Utah for a few weeks excited to see my family but will miss Eric wish he could come, but he has to much school and work to do. I have a awesome husband to let me go on a vacation without him while he stays home.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Since Eric has gone back to school I start to get lonely about 5 o'clock it's usually when he would get home. Tonight for dinner I had leftovers of a casserole and made a salad. I put Hunter in his highchair and feed him as I was making my meal and by the time I sat down and had a few bites he said he was all done. I figure at least we said the prayer together before he started. So I let him out washed his hands, arms, face and hair he manages to get food every where still. He is still working on mastering the use of utensils. He now only wants to use mommy and daddy kind of utensils not the small plastic ones. He insist that he does all the work himself. He won't eat it if I'm feeding him. Hence the reason he gets everything every where. Well, back to what I was saying I got him all cleaned up and he was off to his room to play. So there I sat just me and my dinner, thinking man I'm lonely. But then I thought the day will soon come that I will wish I had peace and quite as I eat. So I enjoyed the moment and took my time eating.
I'm getting excited to go and see my family for a few weeks in Utah. I sure wish I lived closer to them. Someday....maybe?

Sunday, September 2, 2007


It's about 95 degrees here in little ole' Vista and we are feeling it. We don't have A/C in our apartment so we are just laying around the fans, which help a little. While at church today during Sunday school we felt an earthquake. Everyone in the class were like "oh my" that wasn't Camp Pendleton. When we got home we checked online to find out where it was, it was north east of Lake Elsinore and it was a 4.7, so we will see if we feel any aftershocks. We don't have any plans for Labor day so I think we will just chill out at home or go to who ever invites us to a party first.

We went to the beach yesterday and had a great time. Hunter just loves the water and trying to jump over the waves he is so brave. He is so tan he could model for the Hawaiian tropic.