Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Tonight Eric is gone at a Boy Scout meeting in San Diego. So it was just me and the boys. We played with Cole until he was ready for bed, then I asked Hunter what he would like to do and that I would play whatever he wanted...monopoly, clue, candyland whatever...of course he choose to play the Wii. He choose the Indiana Jones Lego game, that I think he has mastered(because of Eric) Which is not my favorite. It's difficult for me, to many things to remember and buttons to push. So I played the Wii. I had to ask Hunter all the time what to do and how to do it, he was the leader and I just had to follow. Here is the best part; after we passed the second level, I was exhausted and ready to be done. Hunter put down his remotes came and stood right in front of me then gave me a HUGE hug and kiss and said "Mom you're very good at the Wii". Wow, that made my night, it was worth all the Wii minutes I put in, to receive that from my son. Oh Happy Day!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

catch up

We have had a busy last few weeks, from holiday parties, Christmas, a family trip to Big Bear, doctor appointments, visiting the dentist for the first time and new beginning's of the New Year. All of the above is my excuse for not posting in our blog. so here is my catch up post...

Hunter with his friend Issac...we made Knight armor so they could sword fight.
Gemmell boys up in Big Bear...with the awesome Snowman

Eric and Lyndsey build the snowman

Hunter had blast sledding and being in the snow

Grandma & Grandpa Francis came to our house for Christmas and of course we got them to play Beatles rock band, it was quite hilarious
Hunter and Cole got new bikes for Christmas

Christmas Eve in new PJ's

Our Tree