Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well I have been really bad about not taking any pictures lately and I feel I can't add a post without a picture. I got a call from my sister saying I needed to update my blog...pictures or no pictures. So here is my update.

Hunter had his follow up doctor's visit and the doctor says it looks good and that he will be 100% in a week or 2 and the best thing is we don't have to go back.

We have had some busy weeks in August. We had Eric's brothers Keith wedding and all the family things to do before and after the wedding. We had baby showers to attend and church
activies to go to. Eric made a video for our youth video and he got 1st place out of all 10 wards, so that was super cool for him( I'm glad he won because it took him about 40 hours to film, edit and all the things you need to do to make a 5 minute video)

We are trying to plan a camping trip the weekend after labor day so we don't have to deal with all the crowds so I hope it happens.

I'm also watching a good friend of mine baby 2 days a week while she goes back to work. Which Hunter LOVES. He is the best helper I could ask for. He has such a watchful eye for her. If she cry's he says "mommy hold her."

School is back in so I guess summer is over. But the best thing about living in So Cal is it's always summer here. Lucky for us!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Verdict in...

Hunter has broken his left collar bone. We are going to the Orthopedic doctor tomorrow to get his opinion. Poor little Hunter hasn't moved from the spot I put him when we got home from the doctors and I'm guessing it's normal that he doesn't want to eat, he just wants his water & juice. Pray for our little guy.


He rescued nemo and bunny.
Showing us his cape.

I went to a second hand children store and bought some great clothes for Hunter, but my best find was his Superman and Batman pajamas. He loves to fly around with his cape, He'll say "mom, dad watch my cape" and then he'll take off is a full run and say "see it" He is so much fun and all BOY.


In the middle of the night Hunter climbed into our bed and about an hour later fell out of our bed. It is a huge 4 post bed the is about 4 feet off the ground so his fall was a hard one. He cried all night in pain so this morning I took him to his doctor and she sent us over to get X-rays of his left shoulder, arm, elbow and wrist. So we will be hearing back from the doctor within a few hours. I made a comfy bed in front of the TV so he is snuggled in and comfy watching movies. I pray he didn't brake anything. So hopefully this will be a learning lesson for him to stay in his own bed....lets hope! Poor little guy.