Monday, September 28, 2009


Hunter saw a Dora cupcake online and he was set on making cupcakes today. So we did. He cracked all the eggs, stirred all the ingredients, put all the cupcake cups in the pans and assisted with me in putting the batter in each cup. He checked on them every 5 minutes while they were in the oven. He added the coloring to make the orange frosting and was so excited to decorate each cupcake. We did the first one...the"Dora" one and when we finished with her he looked at it and said "it doesn't look like her" and then he was done with the frosting I finished them up and this is what we have.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We got together with my cousin Krista and her family. It had been over 20 years since we last seen each other.
Cole chilling on the couch


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

St. George

Well we took a road trip up for the holiday weekend to St. George it was lots of fun being with family and enjoying the sites of the city.
Eric and Hunter on a hike on top of the beautiful red rocks in St. George
They found a arch

Hunter looking back down where he climbed up the "crack"

Hunter in the middle of the "Crack"

Hunter at the start of the hike...entering into the crack.

Bodie & Cole with grandma getting ready for baths.

Cousin Bodie eating Cole's hand. I love Cole's face.."what is he doing"

Cutie pies

Hunter loves mini golf..he got a hole in one!(St George Temple in background)

I could live there. I love it so much, but I would be husbandless if I did, so I will stay where I'm at... which I'm very happy with, it truly is home for us, but if I had a second choice of where to live it would be St. George. Utah

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cole's Blessing

Hunter did NOT want to be in the pictures!
Sweet Cole

Kissable lips

The priesthood holders who were in the circle to bless Cole.

Everyone who was at the blessing

4 generations. My mother, me, Cole, my grandmoter

mini vacation

We had a few days together minus hunter(he went to Utah with my parents) and we made the most of it. We got a great deal at a 4 star hotel in downtown San Diego and had a fun night of eating at the Old Spaghetti Factory, watching a padres game at Petco park on the big screen, shopping in gaslamp, sitting in the hot tub. It was great mini vacation. Eric and Cole at the "beach" in Petco Park
Cole visiting Eric at work.

Views from our hotel was amazing!