Wednesday, July 3, 2013

2013 far

For my birthday we went to the Medieval Times.  It's was SO fun and the boys had a blast. 

 Cole came up with the idea to take pictures with their names.   He is so smart!

 San Diego Fair...always a good time with good friends the Bronson's.

 Hunter loves the movie "BIG" he thought it was super cool to find a Zoltar machine at the fair.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Believe it

It's been since December that I have posted on here.   I finally have found our camera cord to download the pictures.  Since I'm not a big writer I need pictures for my posts.  That is why I have been MIA on this blog.  So here is a picture dump post.
 Easter 2013

Saige on the counter helping with dishes 
Saige got back in the bath with Jammies on.  She has done this 2 other times!
Saige on the counter getting an orange

 Painting their masterpieces
 Christmas in Utah 2012

 1 one Hunter's many self photos
 "I'm ready to go out in the snow"  
 Santa's visit at Grandma Gemmell's grandchildren Christmas party