Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Balboa Park

Our family outing last week was to Balboa Park in San Diego. These kind of outings make my heart swell with joy because we are all together and our love grows as a family. It's a small glimpse of my opinion.
Ticket in hand waiting for our turn on the train.

"All aboard"
The fountains are a blast to play in...the boys were wet from head to toe!

Hunter really thought this tree was cool...he wished he could climb it.

Gemmell Family Campout

We went camping over Labor Day weekend up at Mataguay Boy Scout Camp. It was a Gemmell family outing...those who came were Brian, Lyndsey, Jack, Elliott, Scarlet, Keith, Shannon, Camden, Matt, Alec, Becky, Eric, Tami, Hunter, Cole and Saige. We had such a good time we want to do it again next a different location:)
Hunter at the entrance of the Mataguay Ranch
Our campsite
There was a lot of dirt there and Cole collected most of it on himself.
He took those 2 cars every where we went...they had a good time too.
Doritos always taste better while camping.
The 2 campers...notice Cole is missing a shoe, he was tired of all the dirt is his shoe so he went barefoot.
The Master scout...he set up everything and took everything down. I love that man!!!