Friday, November 12, 2010

Bates Nut Farm

silly faces

dusty shot of us in the distance

pumpkin as big as him

We always have a great time visiting Bates Nut farm during Halloween season. We went this year with our good friends the Elton...hence the awesome pictures...thanks to Christina.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lemon Stand

(Cole trying to pour himself a cup)

Hunter asked this morning if he could do a "Lemon Stand" today. So I confirmed with him to make sure I understood that he wanted a "lemonade Stand." Yes that is what he wanted to do. So we made the lemonade, found cups, made a sign and brought his table and chair out to the curb and he was ready to go. I did warn him before hand that NO one drives down our street during the day... it's very secluded. But he was determined that some one would come by. So there we were ready to give out Lemonade. Hunter insisted that his lemonade was "free".
Well, with in the first minute our neighbor opened his garage to get in his car and Hunter shouted "do you want some Lemonade" Being the nice man that he is he came over and bought 2 cups and paid him a dollar. Then Eric was leaving for work and bought a cup also. Being a great dad he drove back around the block and bought another one... Hunter thought that was awesome that dad came back...the lemonade must of been good. So Hunter got to pour 4 cups of lemonade and made $1.78. He was happy!

Monday, November 1, 2010


At our ward Halloween party Eric was part of the "Sponge Bath" booth. Hunter got dad a few times with the wet sponges....Cole was laughing while watching.
Cole as a Skeleton....and of course carrying woody

Indiana Jones....every one kept telling Hunter how awesome he looked.

boo boo

Cole our climber....fell!


I found this costume at the second hand store for $ it's the start of the costume/dress up box.
Self photo...I find pictures like this all the time on my camera. I think photography is one of his hobbies.
Hunter loves to bake...if I let him he would be making cookies every day. So every time we are at the grocery store he stocks up on our chocolate chips for our cookie making days.