Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random happenings & thoughts

-today while I was showering Hunter came in and informed me that he had picked out my outfit for the day and even had my underwear and bathing suit (bra) ready. He said "Mom, you'll look so cute in it!" What a sweetheart.

-then while in my bathroom getting ready, Cole came in whining and wanting me to hold him...Hunter came in and said "Cole come with me let mommy get ready" he took him by the hand to his bedroom and starting playing with the car garage...Cole was instantly happy. I hope this kindness and love continues:)

- Hunter didn't want to go to Joyschool this morning... he said "Mom I will sure miss you is why I just can't go"

- My house is a total mess and I have NO desire to clean it. but I have my parents coming for the week SO I need to.

-We leave for Hawaii on Sunday.....beyond excited!!!! it will be the first time there for the both of us. Our 3rd honeymoon!