Monday, April 14, 2008

photo post

" Look mom I'm a goalie"
My Feet ( Hunter took the picture)

Hunter putting on his winter beany(It was 85 degrees)

He looks so big in his car seat.

He wanted to watch peter pan on his TV, he is wearing headphones too.

Hunter trying on Eric's goalie gloves and cleates, it's his new favorite thing to do. He is just a blast to have in our family.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

All better

Hunter's chicken pox are all now scabbed over and looking a lot better. Hunter says to people, "look my bumps, all better" So no more sickies in our house. With summer on it's way I hope it will keep us away from any other sickness.

We got a new camera this week because our old one died. So I will soon post some pics which will be long over due because of not having a working camera.

I haven't been to my ward (church) in 6 weeks, due to being out of town for 2 and sick for 2 and then hunter sick for 2. Now this Sunday is a family friends homecoming from her mission in England and that will make it 7 weeks. So does that make me inactive? I think so because I got a call yesterday from the Sister missionaries asking if they can help me with anything, from going to the store for me or cleaning my house. So I took them up on the cleaning my house part(because I have had very little energy to do it) and they are here now doing an awesome job cleaning. I love it. But I am embarrassed that it was pretty dirty. Oh well.

Excited for the weekend to come, they say it will be up in the 70's, so sunshine here we come.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Chicken Pox

Hunter got the chicken pox this week. It's so hard to see your babies beautiful skin like this. So when they say "when it rain's it pours", that's been our house for the last few weeks. So I'm now declaring it can officially stop raining in our house!!!