Thursday, March 22, 2012

long overdue

The boys favorite thing to do ...Monkey around. Cole is in one of Eric's shirts.
Christmas morning...Santa came!
Random picture(hunter's dinner, that's all he wanted)
Christmas morning...all ready for church.
Hunter and his missing teeth, has 2 loose on the bottom
Hunter caught a snake! (my shadow)
San Diego Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa Francis in January
Hunter on a piggy back ride of a Polar Bear
Oscar the hippo and Hunter
Cole wanted to be in grandma's arms the whole day

Monkeying around robots
the boys teaching Saige how to play the Wii
In march we went on a mini vacation to LA. We stayed right downtown LA for a night and then toured the sights of LA.....Griffiths observatory, walk of fame, Chinese theatre, Hollywood, rodeo drive, LA temple.
Hunter and the MOON
All of us with the Hollywood sign in the back