Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hunter and Abby in the Big snow cave Eric built at Corey's house.
Eric, Cole and Abby getting ready to go down the sledding hill...Cole loved it so much he went down 3 times, but on the third time he got lots of snow in his face and was ready to go in. It was 10 degrees outside that day.

Cole in all his snow gear to go outside and play in the snow for his first time.

Hunter climbing in the snow cave Eric built.

Shelly's view from her front porch.

Eric taking Cole down the sledding hill behind Corey and Anna's house.

2010 Christmas in Utah

Hunter wanted a Luke Skywalker costume and thanks to G&G Francis he got one.
Cute boys

Santa brought Hunter the skateboard that he asked for.

Christmas Eve

Getting ready for bed so Santa could come.

Saying goodnight to dad on Christmas Eve.