Monday, February 22, 2010

Jedi Hunter

Hunter is obsessed with Star Wars. We play Jedi warriors a lot each day. We have had many light saber duels. I think we need to buy a belt so he doesn't use his shorts to hold his weapons.

8 month stats

*he pulls himself up on everything
*smiles almost all the time
*laughs really loud while watching Hunter being silly
*just started enjoying eating baby food
*has his 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth showing
*HATES getting dressed
*loves to be naked
*loves to take showers/bath
*sleeps his best when in his crib, 1 feeding a night is his best night sleep
*trying to push things to walk
*enjoys watching Baby Einstein DVD
*since birth he hates his car seat...still does, but having a DVD player for him to watch baby Einsteins has helped
*wears size 3 shoes
*still has a very small head is in the 1%.
*we love him oh so very much.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I love the conversions I'm getting to have lately with Hunter. I need to write all of them down so we can look back and laugh together. Here is our conversion from this morning while scrolling back through old photos on the camera. We came to the pictures of Cole while still in the hospital when he was born.

Me: Hunter look how little Cole was when he was born.

Hunter: Mom, how was Cole borned?

Me: I went to the hospital and the doctors helped me get him out.

Hunter: did they use a screwdriver?

Me: (huge smile on my face) well, kinda...but they had to use hospital tools. (that's as far as I went, I think c-section details for a 4 year old can wait for later years)

I'm amazed and SO in love with our Hunter. I love how his mind is constantly trying to figure things out. He LOVES to use the screwdriver, he opens (or try) to open anything that has screws in it. When ever we need to change batteries on something he HAS to do it, because it needs a screwdriver.