Saturday, February 26, 2011

think pink

My heart was beating like crazy. Tears were welling up in my eyes, I wasn't sure what she was going to tell us. She put the jelly stuff on my belly and began the sonogram...she wasn't saying much, they never do. She then said "is this your first?" third...she then said "what do you have?" 2 boys...."well it's a GIRL!" My heart went faster and tears were running down my face...I couldn't believe what I heard....but I loved what I heard...a GIRL!!! We are beyond excited to have a little girl and the boys are SO excited to have a sister. So now off to find a good name for this little princess!!! She will be arriving July 22, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

5 years old

Hunter got to spend his 5th birthday at Disneyland a 3 day birthday trip. Everyday he would say I'm so happy this is so much fun!!!
The Mickey Mouse outside of the Disneyland Hotel where we stay for 2 nights...notice Cole wouldn't take his eyes off Mickey, he LOVES mickey.

World of Color at California Adventure we had a great spot to view the spectacular show.

Panoramic view from Eric's phone

Hunter is SO brave he loves the tower of terror

His birthday button from Disneyland...all the employee's would say "Happy Birthday Buddy" Hunter thought that was awesome to have all the attention.

On the huge Mickey Ferris wheel...we made it to the top and Hunter got scared and laid underneath the seat.

Silly Hunter at his best.

Once again Cole not taking his eyes off his favorite Disney character...Buzz Light Year...We think he pointed out every Buzz thing he could see that day. He would point then say "To infinity and beyond!"

Hunter loves to drive the cars

IN toontown Goofy played with the boys while they were in the jail.

Goofy keep following Cole around a repeating whatever Cole would do it was so funny and Cole was giggling the whole time.

Dumbo ride at night....FUN!!

Sittin in one of Mickey's chairs in his house

We had a blast on our family trip. Now, Hunter thinks we need to visit Disneyland on a weekly basis.
We loved that Grandma and Grandpa Francis got to join us on the last day!!