Monday, April 27, 2009

Our House

The front of the house

Well we did it. we took the plunge and bought our first home. We truly are so blessed to be is such a beautiful home and are so excited to raise our family here. So now that we have more space we can have visitors came for parties and just to hang out. We are in the process of painting the boys rooms. Hunter's is halfway done, it's going to be red and blue. He has even helped with the painting and is very good at staying in his area to paint. The baby's room will be a light green with a white bead board around the bottom half of the walls. I hope we get all our painting projects done before the baby comes. It's our goal.
I have more pictures but I'm not sure where the camera cords are packed so I will post more of the inside and our progression of making it our home.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Hunter had so much fun finding the eggs the Easter bunny hid around the backyard.
Eric was near by making sure hunter didn't miss a single egg. Together they found 118 eggs.

The cousins after the hunt. They had their baskets full. Hunter filled his basket 4 times, we had to keep emptying it into a grocery bag so he could keep going.

I was putting on my make-up for church and Hunter helped himself to my lipstick, He even made himself a mustache.

Hunter feel asleep in the car, so we carried him to the house and laid him on the couch and he woke up to switch positions to a more comfortable one??!!...which was the arm rest of the couch with head in between couch and boxes.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Newport Beach

We had a fun filled day up in Newport Beach, thanks to our fmaily coming down from Utah for their Spring Break. Anna's family had a home on Balboa Island for a week and we got to spend a day with them. Here a re a few pictures of our day together.

Looking in the water for fish.

Abby and Hunter playing in the sand, they have SO much fun together.

On the ferry boat, heading to the beach
Auntie Anna and Cousins playing tag with the water.

Hunter figured out how to roll his tongue into a taco...a "Francis" given talent.